Lotus Esprit, Excel, Elite, Eclat, Sunbeam, Jensen – Rubber cam cover gaskets


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One pair of synthetic rubber cam cover gaskets to suit Lotus Esprit, Excel, Elite, Eclat, Talbot Sunbeam Lotus and Jensen Healey.  These gaskets are the answer to the annoying oil leaks that can plague the 907, 911 and 912 Lotus engines that use the original curved cam covers. 

The OEM Lotus gaskets are a paper gasket that requires coating on both sides with silicone sealant to make them seal, this can be a fiddly process and not always successful.  The resuling oil leaks onto a hot exhaust manifold are at best embarassing and at worst dangerous. 

The thick rubber gaskets take the headache out of sealing the cam boxes and are fitted dry. They can also be reused; so if you need to check your valve clearances, you don’t need to buy new gaskets.

While these gaskets are a big step forward from the OEM paper gaskets, good practice still needs to be applied – the cam covers and housings need to be cleaned of old sealant, free from oil and the cam lids need to be straight – (occasionally  they can be bent from over tightening the bolts). 

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Lotus Esprit,Lotus Excel, Lotus Elite, Lotus Eclat, Talbot Sunbeam Lotus and Jensen Healey – 907, 911, 912 engines.

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