Lotus 900 series engine – Water Pump


Reconditioned Lotus 900 series water pump, blasted, inspected for damage, fitted with a new bearing and seal.

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One reconditioned 900 series engine Lotus water pump – I have pumps for most of the Lotus 4 cylinder engines 907, 910, 911, 912 and 920 – from 1972 to 1999.  Turbo and non turbo, 2.0l and 2.2l.  The pump has been stripped, vapour blasted, inspected for damage and reassembled with a new bearing and cartridge type seal.  

If you are not sure which pump you need please drop me a message and I will try to help, Lotus used several types of pumps, some with only minor but important differences.  Photos, engine numbers and model and year are all helpful. Please compare the photos here with your own pump to make sure it matches yours.    

Please note the sale price is for a single reconditioned pump sold outright, a surcharge of £100 is included the sale price for pre1985 engines and £150 for 1985 and onward.  The surcharge cost can be reimbursed on safe receipt of your pump which greatly reduces the cost of the pump.  Please note your pump must be capable of being reconditioned (no damage to the aluminium casting or impellor) and should be the same type of pump as the one supplied.  We always prefer to receive a donor pump so that we can continue to provide rebuilt pumps for the Lotus community.  

Please note that Lotus produced something like 14 variations of pumps through the life of the 900 series engines, while we try and keep a good range in stock, but on some occasions the only option may be to rebuild your actual pump.  


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907, 910, 911, 912, 920


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Std Compression (LC), High compression (HC)

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