Lotus Esprit, Excel, Sunbeam, Elite and Jensen Healey lightweight steel conrods


Lightweight steel “H”section conrods to suit all Lotus 907, 910, 911 , 912 and 920 series engines – 1972 to 1999.   Lotus Elite, Eclat, Esprit, Excel and also Jensen Healey & Lotus Sunbeam.   

These rods are made from high strength chromoly steel and are fitted with ARP 2000 conrod bolts.   They are a massive 240 grams per rod lighter than the standard Lotus rods!  These rods have the HC style oil spray reliefs on the sides to provide cooling spray to the underside of the piston crown.  They are balanced +/- 1 gram. Because of the reduced reciprocating weight, they will improve the throttle response of an engine and reduce the stress on the engine bearings.

Suits Lotus Esprit, Lotus Excel, Lotus Elite, Lotus Eclat, Talbot Sunbeam Lotus and Jensen Healey 2.0l and 2.2L engines  – 907, 910, 911, 912 and 920.

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