Lotus Lightweight steel flywheel 907, 911 & 912 engine Sunbeam, Esprit, Excel



Lightweight steel flywheel to suit Lotus 907, 911 and 912 engines fitted to the Jensen Healey, Lotus Elite, Eclat, Esprit (non turbo) and Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. Manufactured from ChroMoly steel for strength and lightness. In terms of money spent a lightened flywheel gives a great gain in performance. The light weight improves throttle response and acceleration – especially in lower gears. The added strength of chromoly steel is much better suited to a high rpm competition or high performance engine as cast iron flywheels can fail with disastrous results. The lighter weight also helps to remove torsional twist from the crank making the life of the crank and engine bearings easier. Please note the clutch cover bolts have been changed to a UNF thread to improve the grip strength. The flywheel is 5.7kg – the OEM flywheel weighs in at around 9kg.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg